Workaholics Season 1-4 Now Streaming on Hulu

Tight butthole!

Hulu continues its strong push into Comedy Central content by adding another modern classic series to the Hulu streaming library. Workaholics season 1-4 are now available to stream instantly on Hulu for fans of Blake, Adam, Anders, Kyle and their weekly stoned antics.

For folks unfamiliar, Workaholics follows three roommates in Rancho Cucamonga, CA who work at a telemarketing company. The premise sounds pretty terrible, but the ridiculousness quickly reveals itself as these three friends somehow find their way into the most ridiculous situations. Between avoiding a 2000 year prophecy that dooms the fate of Anders to failed attempts at getting access to a fake passport through their always entrepreneurial drug dealer, each episodes takes the wildest turns.

Watch some highlights from the show below:

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