Why does Hulu Plus have ads?

Why does Hulu+ have ads? We get this question all the time. There are a couple schools of thought to this but the fact of the matter is that Hulu and Hulu plus bring more up to date content to their streaming services as opposed to competitors like Netflix.

It seems ridiculous at times that you would pay the same amount for Hulu as you do for Netflix, but the ability to stream shows the day after they air on national television is an extremely expensive service, especially when you broadcast everything from FOX to ABC to NBC content.

Netflix on the other hand, while an excellent service, often times doesn’t get new content until months after it has aired on TV.

So while those little interruptions might be annoying, consider the amount of money you save on a monthly subscription to a cable provider, who will air just as many ads between your favorite shows. At that point it starts to make a bit more sense.

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