When does Hulu add shows?

A lot of people ask when Hulu will update their favorite shows with the most recent episode. It sometimes seems at random when Hulu will choose to release a new episode like Shark Tank or Modern Family.

Because Hulu releases new episodes so much quicker than other services like Netflix, it’s hard for them to work out exact details with content providers. For example, Netflix rarely updates a series episode by episode, as their distribution deals often times focus solely around releasing an entire season.

Most commonly Hulu Plus will release a new episode the day after the show airs on normal television. For non-Hulu subscribers, there is often a delay of a week, and sometimes longer to encourage Plus signups. For example, for a Hulu Plus subscriber, Modern Family and Shark Tank will stream the following day. For regular Hulu users, there can be delays up to at least a week until the next newest episode airs.

We suspect that the time delay between original airing and release on Hulu Plus will continue to get shorter and shorter. Major content owners are realizing that most people, especially in a younger demographic are turning to streaming services for their favorite shows. On demand airing of episodes will continue to grow market share, and ad revenue should begin to increase for those eyeballs.

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