Is Suits Season One, Two and Three on Hulu?

There’s no denying that we’re huge fans of Suits here at The Best of Hulu.

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The show hits that difficult note of collectively cool, clever and action-packed all while following a half-realistic premise to bring you an entertaining show that doesn’t bore nor force you to roll your eyes.

So you have probably noticed that Suits is on Hulu in small doses, currently at the time of writing this article, a good chunk of season four is available for streaming. But unfortunately, with the way the USA/Hulu contract has been written, none of the earlier seasons are are currently streaming on Hulu.

So to recap, currently Suits season one, two and three are not streaming on Hulu, but parts of Suits season four is.

We do recommend you watch from the beginning before deciding whether or not you’re a fan of the show, but it wouldn’t kill you to sneak peek a few episodes on Hulu before deciding to commit to the entire series.


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