Is Seinfeld on Hulu?

Often considered the greatest show of all time, Seinfeld has been one of the 90s classic television shows that hasn’t found a home on any modern streaming service like Hulu as of yet but with Netflix getting Friends, it would be a great move to compete.

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We’re guessing Seinfeld creator Larry David has a lot to do with this decision, as he tends to enjoy things consistent with how he intended. For example, it took the longest time for the show to be released on DVD. Jerry Seinfeld recently hinted to the possibility of  Seinfeld on Netflix so we’re thinking there is a possibility that Hulu ends up with the show about nothing at some point in the future.

We won’t hold our breath, but Seinfeld would be a great pickup to compete with Netflix and it’s recent acquisition of Friends.

Watch some classic Seinfeld bloopers below:

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