Is Scorpion on Hulu?

Hulu and CBS tend to be in a pretty good relationship, as many television shows that air on CBS end up streaming on Hulu the day after it airs the old fashioned way.

But with that in mind, sometimes bizarre contract negotiations keep certain television shows from airing on Hulu. This tends to be the most common with early seasons of specific series, and Scorpion tends to be in that boat. For example, it’s probably hard for Hulu and CBS to really place a value on such a fresh show, so contract negotiations are probably hard to finalize.

We’re willing to bet Scorpion ends up streaming on Hulu here relatively soon (within the year), but we have no official word, only an understanding of the normal trends.

With Scorpion recently being renewed for a second season, we’re betting this one ends up on Hulu.

Watch the Scorpion trailer below:

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