Is Empire on Hulu?

Update: Great news, Hulu now has exclusive rights to Empire

Fox has apparently hit a grand slam with Empire, currently averaging over 10M viewers in the first few episodes of the series, and the number appears to be slowly growing.

Hulu has a great relationship with Fox, who has given streaming distribution rights to Hulu for the time being. Thus you can stream Empire on Hulu Plus right now and get caught up before the next episode airs.

The critical reception of the show has been moderate to positive, but overall as the characters and story develop, the opinions tend to be swayed a bit even more positively as the first few episodes were a bit slower but have started to really develop into something interesting. The great news here too is that Empire has been renewed for a second season, meaning if you take the time now to commit to the series, it won’t be in vain, at least not for another year.

You can watch the trailer for Empire below:

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