The Hotwives of Orlando

The Hotwives of Orlando Hulu Original Series

The Hotwives of Orlando Review

Season 1 premieres July 15, 2014

The Hotwives of Orlando is a comedy series that takes viewers into the (fictional) exclusive and gaudy households of 6 “hot housewives” in Orlando, Florida. The series parodies the success of recent shows like The Real Housewives and pokes fun at the overwhelming drama showcased within these soap opera-like reality shows — struggles over shopping, plastic surgery, relational issues, and the hardship of spending so much money…

With a diverse cast of proven talent, the show promises a few good laughs. The cast includes:

Casey Wilson as Tawny – The Trophy Wife
Danielle Schneider as Shauna – The Bankrupt Overspender
Tymberlee Hill as Phe Phe – The Entrepreneur
Andrea Savage as Veronica – The Cougar
Angela Kinsey as Crystal – The Religious Zealot
Kristen Schaal as Amanda – The Drug Addled Former Child Star

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