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East Los High Review

Season 1 available for free streaming

East Los High is a teen based drama that follows the lives of of American Latino teenagers in East Los Angeles. The show focuses on Jessie, an nerdy student from a working class family, as she navigates high school, her crushes, and her preparation for college while simultaneously learning to live with her wild cousin Maya who comes from a troubled home.

Directed, produced and written by Carlos Portugal, the series is Hulu’s first original show with an all Latino cast and is scheduled for a second season release on July 9, 2014.

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Season 1 (2013) consisted of 10 Episodes:

01 – “This Year’s Winter King & Queen”
02 – “The Patron Saint of Lost Causes”
03 – “Welcome to the Bomb Squad”
04 – “Meet the New Busboy”
05 – “The Initiation”
06 – “Bang the Virgin”
07 – “Did You Just Become My Boss”
08 – “Maya’s Secret Recipes”
09 – “Some Guys Will Screw Anything”
10 – “Why Did I Have To Get Pregnant?”
11 – “We Shouldn’t Be Doing This”
12 – “I’m Gonna Give Him What He Wants”
13 – “One Month Later”
14 – “Damn! Why Didn’t We Wait?”
15 – “I Don’t Think I Can Do This”
16 – “She Dumped You. Move On!”
17 – “I Think She’s Dead”
18 – “The Heart Always Knows”
19 – “She’s My Mother”
20 – “She Swallowed the Worm”
21 – “In Blood or Money”
22 – “Your Time Is Up”
23 – “Good Girls Don’t”
24 – “Build a Future Worthy of You”

Season 2 premiere is TBD 2014