Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask Hulu Original Series

Behind the Mask Review

Season Two Premiere TBD 2014

 Behind the Mask is an original documentary series from Hulu that follows the story of 4 different sports mascots. It showcases the trials and tribulations that these individuals face, both in and out of costume. Each mascot is of a different level (high school, minor leagues, college and professional), giving users a taste of the life of these mascots within each context.

On March 26, 2014 the show received a Sports Emmy nomination for Outstanding New Approaches in Sports Programming. This was the first award Hulu received for its original content.

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Season 1 (2013) consisted of 10 Episodes:

01 – “Meet the Mascots”
02 – “Don’t Give Up”
03 – “The Magic Being…”
04 – “Going For It”
05 – “Expect the Unexpected”
06 – “You Have to Lose Sometimes”
07 – “In It to Win It”
08 – “Big Moments”
09 – “Turning Points”
10 – “Goodbye for Now”

Season 2 premiere is TBD 2014