Downton Abbey on Hulu? Not if Amazon has its way

A very common question as to whether or not Downton Abbey will ever stream instantly on Hulu Plus. The show seems like it would make a great fit for Hulu’s library, as many other similar period pieces grace the service’s streaming catalog.

Unfortunately for Hulu (and other similar streaming services), Amazon Prime has a death grip on the show’s streaming rights, making it unavailable for Hulu at this time.

You can still stream Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime Instant Video though, and they do have a free trial offer.

Downton Abbey follows an ensemble cast of characters through a period piece set in England during the early 1900s. While the show is fiction, the surrounding context of the times is on full display, so events like the sinking of the Titanic and WWI all occur during the show’s timeline.

It is certainly a fan favorite, and one we highly recommend if you can find another way to watch it.

You can enjoy the show’s first episode courtesy of PBS below:

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