Can You Get Rid of Hulu Ads?

The most common question we get about Hulu is “Why are there ads on Hulu when I pay for it?”

Really it comesdown how Hulu makes money through their two main business models.

One being ad supported free streaming, where users of the free version of the service can stream a limited amount of Hulu’s content without signing up for a subscription. As a tradeoff, the content catalog is thinner and there are more ads in between each break.

The second way Hulu works is through a subscription model. The people who signed up for this version of the service are often a little confused with how they are still served advertisements despite now paying a monthly fee. Really, the paid subscription now is more for access to up to date content and contains fewer ads between breaks.

But the ads remain.

So as it stands now, it’s not possible to remove ads from Hulu, and we’re doubting Hulu will remove them anytime soon.

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