A great map of countries where Hulu is available

Countries where Hulu is available

You would think that with a service as popular as Hulu, there would be pretty broad support across most countries. However, despite Hulu’s plans to expand in the future, they currently only offer their services in 2 countries: USA and Japan. There’s quite a few hopes of expanding Hulu’s services, but do to a lot of the network regulations and copyright laws, this expansion has been pretty slow going. As Hulu officially states, “Expansion requires working with content owners to clear the rights for each show or film in each specific region, and those agreements can take a while to be established.”

So until those agreements are stablished, it looks like Hulu is only “officially” available in USA and Japan. There have been methods discussed for┬ástreaming Hulu in other countries, but we won’t get into that… We’ll just say that with Hulu’s new block on VPN services, these methods might soon disappear as well.


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